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Agency's success has been covered both by the Press and TV. The media coverage underlines adisadan agency leadership in modern interior design, while focusing on the agency's creativity and wide range of solutions. An industry leader, Adi Sadan Pdut is often invited to TV shows to provide updates of the latest trends and fashions. 

November 22, 2016

Wake up everybody .....

Winter coma? no way... its time to wake up and design.

The seasons dictates a warming and containing designing  with the right interpretation

reflected by family spaces, dining room and kitchen, 

January 30, 2008

How it all started...

This article published in one of Israel's top newspapers, Globes, tells the story of how Adi Sadan Pdut, owner and founder of Canopy Designs and adisadan agency made a life changing decision to leave a successful career in law and become a leading interior designer.

December 31, 2007

God of small things

"The eye tends to overlook design elements which we are used to see. Adding even the smallest addition will make the entire room noticeable once again for the observing eye." Article published in one of Israel's leading women newspaper, At

January 03, 2016

Designer of the month of Janurary, 2016

Decor, one of Israel's leading design newspapers, selects Adi Sadan Pdut designer of the month. Article features living apartment in center Tel Aviv, designed by Adi Sadan Pdut.

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